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Creative Marketing | Marketing Strategy | working with passionate, 🔥-in-the-belly biz owners 

Howdy, friend

My name is Emma. I'm a creative marketing consultant with over 12 years of marketing and business experience. I'm also a lecturer at Bouremouth Univeristy, in Social Media Management and Brands & Branding.

I've worked with...

1:1 Marketing Consultancy

ST² / (Np + >C) = Me

(Short on time, No plan & need more Customers = You need me.

If you're feeling frustrated with finding your direction, joining the dots or pushing your business forward then it could be that you need a strategy; a kick-ass plan of action.

And someone to help you get there...

1:1 Marketing Consultancy | £200

In-house short-term marketing strategy support

Training & Workshop delivery

Social media + website audting

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Thank you so much Emma! Your insight, marketing strategy know-how and challenging (positively) approach to our session was absolutely fabulous.
Lisa, The Glow Studio

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