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Ditch the Ick

Become Likeable on LinkedIn

A sample of crap cold sales messages I've received on LinkedIn...


All received from complete strangers I've never spoken to.

Why would I trust them? Or buy from them? Why does it feel presumptuous and icky?

There is another way; and it's called Ditch the Ick

Join the Ditch the Ick programme and become likeable on LinkedIn. In this four week easy peasy programme you will learn:

  • How to create regular engaging content on LinkedIn 

  • How to use LinkedIn to create your own small network of people

  • How to avoid cringey sales messages

  • The art of soft selling to your ideal client, empowering them to choose to work with you

The Whose and What-fors

Ditch the Ick is a four-week self-study programme that launches on February 1st and can be joined at any time.
✔️ Each week you will watch 1 x one hour workshop guiding you through content creation, understanding your ideal client and the art of LinkedIn to generate leads.
✔️ Each workshop will also have a cute workbook you can use for all your BIG ideas.
✔️ This is a back-to-basics programme, great for new LinkedIn-ers or people who need to shake up their online marketing.
✔️ I'll be on hand to ask questions/advice; so you're not alone!

💰 We have introductory offer (because I'm too excited to wait until February to launch this!) for any keen beans who sign up before the 21st
 January of £99.
This four week programme will be £150 from 22nd 

Don't forget - if someone is sending you LAME (and quite frankly, annoying) cold sales messages, you can send them this handy link 😉 

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