Join my October Challenge

Instagram can be a pain in the butt - thinking of new things to post all the time, working endlessly to increase followers and engagement.
Instagram challenges are a popular way to be a part of an online community all doing the same thing and supporting each other.

Ready for a challenge?

Let’s get to it!


The guidelines are SIMPLE:

  1. Post a picture/story on the relevant day with the theme attached below

  2. Tag me (@ems_marketing_consultant) in the posts and use #EmmasInstaChallenge 

  3. Use #EmmasInstaChallenge to find other people taking part and support them by “liking” and commenting on their posts (and they’ll do the same for you!).

  4. If you get stuck - slide into my DMs and I can help!

Here are the daily themes (or you can download the PDF above).
1st - Intro: a picture of yourself, short info about you and your business.
2nd - A favourite thing
3rd - Something beginning with “S”
4th - A personal goal
5th - Mindfulness
6th - Behind-the-scenes
7th - Recommend blog/podcast/book
8th - Share a quote
9th - Your favourite product/service (of your own)
10th - On the go
11th - Share a win!
12th - Guilty pleasure
13th - “I did this today...”
14th - Testimonial
15th - First thing you drink that day
16th - Upside down
17th - Favourite colour
18th - What inspires you
19th - The view outside...
20th - “What I’m reading”
21st - To-do list
22nd - Inspired by music
23rd - How you relax
24th - Throwback Thursday
25th - Morning routine
26th - Why you started your business
27th - “Happiness is...”
28th - Nature
29th - Your values/business values
30th - Night time routine
31st - Halloween OR closing down from challenge post