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5 Ways to Fall in Love with your Business Again

Like any long-term relationship, your relationship with your business sometimes needs a little T.L.C. Long days, dodgy tech, unpaid invoices, disgruntled clients and endless to-do-lists can often make you fall out of love with your business and the whole reason you started it.

So, on February 14th, the day of love, I've written up my 5 tips to fall back in love with your business - that you can start TODAY! Forget chocolates and champers - this is the real love of your life!

1. Inject some fun into the dull

Finances - this is my least favourite and most dreaded task within my business. I hate it. I'm the person that doesn't start their tax return until the day before it's due in and it brings me so much stress. I quickly realised that I needed to inject a little fun into those particular tasks. Instead of sitting at my desk, head in hands - I removed my chair so I could stand up, cranked up Dolly Parton's Greatest Hits and for every month I completed I rewarded myself with a strawberry lace. Whatever tasks that you find mundane, create a different ritual for them so that you don't dread it so much.

2. Celebrate!

Celebrate the small stuff, as well as the big stuff. Completed a task that seemed to take forever? Celebrate! Nailed a presentation for a client? Celebrate! Created a presentation you're proud of? CELEBRATE! For the big stuff - grab your calendar and block out important days - business birthdays, tax return day, significant milestone and make sure you spend some time enjoying the day.

3. Create boundaries

If there are certain things that are you making you fall out of love of your business you should try to get to the bottom of what these are and why. Sometimes it's as simple as creating boundaries for yourself, staff and clients. For example, if you're working long hours try and set yourself the boundary of reducing those hours. Equally, if clients not paying you on time or contacting you out of office hours is a pain-point - either refer them back to your terms of contract or create a terms of contract for all your clients to sign and ensure that these are being met.

4. The why's

In amongst it all it can be easy to forget the reasons why you started your own business. Perhaps when you first started your business, you wrote out these reasons and they've since been buried in some paperwork. Now is a great time to bring those reasons out and to remind yourself why you are doing what you're doing. Have your reasons changed? Have your reasons been met? What can you change to readjust your business to ensure you're meeting your reasons? If you haven't written out your reasons "why" - that is your first task of the day! The second task is to pin them somewhere you will always see them.

5. Create a mantra

I love a good mantra and my mantra is frequently changing, depending on what my needs are at one particular time. Having a mantra you can repeat to yourself can really help your focus, self-esteem and positivity. Whether it's something you repeat first thing in the morning, something you remind yourself when things get tough or something you abide by every day - it all helps you to feel the love in your business.



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