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Hello - Emma Downey

I spend ages gazing out of my window, watching people walk by and thanking my lucky stars I was brave enough to believe in myself.

I had gotten used to people telling me I can't do things; from old boyfriends who had said I wasn't ambitious, to teachers telling me I wasn't committed enough to achieve good grades. In July 2017, I started my first business, Women Who Do, aimed at supporting and empowering women in business. I built it from nothing, in a city I barely knew, with no money and no experience of anything similar. It was, it is, very successful and is something I am passionately proud of. Alongside meeting an incredibly supportive partner, the fact I had built something successful made me start to invest more in myself. Start to believe I could be something.

I started to believe I could achieve anything I set my mind to. Even if everyone else was doing their damnedest to make I felt inadequate - I only needed to be told by myself I could do it.

I took a gamble, back in April this year, to quit my full-time job and start my own consultancy. It was a scary decision to make, one that my bravery can't take full credit for. The work I was doing had taken it's toll on my usually happy-go-lucky nature and I knew I needed to break away. Compelled by this need to get back to my former self, to be allowed to run wild with creative marketing and put everything I had learn to the test, my last working day was nothing but complete and utter sheer joy. A moment I can safely say, I will never forget!

Creating My Brand

It's taken a while to get my branding where I wanted it to be and I have Cardi B to thank for it's final version. The last 5 months with her albums on repeat, she became my soundtrack to resilience and put fire in my belly, my inspiration came from more than just her lyrics. After a few false starts with clients, the steep learning curve and days where I've sat at my desk and wailed, I'm now right where I want to be, with some damn exciting projects coming up in 2019.



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