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"Why not try our black sugary drink that will rot your teeth?!"

Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? So why has Coca Cola become one of the biggest brands out there despite selling this black sugary drink?

The answer is clever branding. Do they communicate what the drink is or do they communicate how drinking Coca Cola can make you feel. When you see their logo you instantly think of warm sunny days, chilling with you friends, drinking a refreshing drink, you almost want to go out and buy a cold Coke right there and then.

When creating your brand, whether you’re a start up or an established business looking to reach a certain audience or market, then you must focus on the end goal and the problem your service or product solves.

Why you?

When you started your business you had a great idea, you had a reason you decided to go into business. Focus on that reason as it will probably differentiate you from others in your industry. E.g. if you’re a plumber - don’t focus on things like fixing leaky pipes or servicing boilers. Think along the lines of helping homeowners and their families stay warm and safe.

Now think about your logo, does it communicate this. How many plumber's logos are blue and have a water drip or pipe in them? If you use warm colours instead of blue cold colours and something that symbolises safety; a shield, for example, then this will reinforce your message and differentiate you from the competition.

You don’t have to be a global giant to have a great brand.

To become memorable, consistency is key. All of your marketing and the way you present yourself needs to have the same look and feel to it. Make everything you put out at every client touch-point look like as if it has come from you. Don’t just paste your logo on everything - but ensure you always use the same colours, the same typefaces (font) and that your logo is always clear and in the same position - this will help you become remembered and trusted.

Finally, listen and adapt.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.

Listen to how your perceived by customers. They will ultimately define your brand. Make sure you read every single comment (especially negative ones). If what they are saying doesn’t align with what you think your brand is, then find out why and try and tweak it. This will also help you stay more current. When you do tweak it, shout about this change, you’ll be surprised on the impact it can have. For example, Coca-Cola realised we were all more aware of our health and daily sugar intake these days, so they introduced Coke Zero with a blaze of advertising and it now outsells the original drink. So think about that, when you're considering your next step in your branding journey.


About Rob:

Rob owns small design agency; PAW Design. From an agency background himself, he knows what agencies do well and what some are missing. He knows you don’t really care how funky our office is, what music we play or how many cups of coffee we drank this week. You care about you and how we can solve your problem.

With years of experience working alongside recognised brands to independent specialist service providers, Rob has delivered bespoke branding identities, online and offline marketing collateral, stunning print communications and web solutions.

If interested in transforming your business into a memorable brand then visit his website or get in touch via social channels below:

Email –

Phone - 07813676956



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