I toyed with my tagline being "I'm the mutt of marketing" - but somehow it didn't seem to work. Nevertheless, my marketing experience spans a wide range (I have had ten years to learn different aspects, after all.)
Choose your marketing based on what you need. If you're not sure - get in touch! 
The Big Kahuna
£2,100 a month
The bee's knees of packages. Pick six of the following.
The Godfather
The Gladiator
£1,800 a month
£1,400 a month
Classy but effective.
Pick four of the following.
Small but mighty.
Pick two of the following.
Competitor Analysis
Social Media Management
4 accounts (Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn/ Instagram/P interest
4 x Email campaigns
Content Photography
(location dependant)
2 x Blog Posts
Ongoing Marketing Plan Development
Social Media Relationship Building
Presentation/Slide Design
1 x Webinar Design
Ongoing Campaign Support
Google Analytics
Event Organisation
Depending on scale!
If you know which packages you'd like - let me know and let's get chatting!