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Are you ready?

It's time. No more faffing. No more frustration. No more silently crying into your notebook because you don't know how it's 4pm already and the only thing you've achieved today is Google "can dogs feel their own tails".

Let's create a plan. A strategy. A way for your business to find your target audience, tell them about your brand and build trust.

Let's take you from this:

stressed.gif this:

"Emma goes above and beyond to get to the crux of understanding your business and your aspirations to create a clear step by step plan that is manageable and exciting! My head was overcrowded with all the thoughts, tasks and ideas that come with being a business owner and Emma was able to help me to get out of my head and see a clear path ahead which has massively reduced the pressure I was putting on myself and turned my to do list into something manageable with a very reasonable and kind time scale."
- Clare Rodea Ryan

My pricelist

I don't believe in keeping prices secret right up until the last moment! So I like to be totally transparent so you can make a great, informed decision.

1:1 Power Hour


1:1 Consultancy


In-house training


"What a fabulous power hour. Emma has given me the words to articulate what I do within my business that I have struggled to find on my own. In such a short space of time, she used her creativity and skill with words to help me create greater clarity within my messaging. If you are feeling stuck, then an hour with Emma is a no-brainer."

- Katherine Dyer

"Having worked with her regularly for nearly three years now I continue to see Emma as an integral part of keeping my business on the incline. I’m always impressed with her focus and non-wishy washy approach. It’s easy to put complete trust in her with questions that go deeper than the business."

- Paula Pidgeon

It's time to make your move

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