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How I can help...

Don't let overwhelm get in the way of your great idea

  • Marketing Strategy | 3 hours | Online 1:1
    Feeling like you’ve hit a dead end or that you’re trying everything but nothing seems to work? Or confused about where to take your business next? Or what your business should look like? You need a clear, concise marketing strategy. This is about understanding your customer, where they are and how you will communicate to them that YOU are their solution. * 3 hour 1:1 session * Online * Includes goal setting/branding/campaign management/understanding your data * Receive a branded workbook with notes and actions from the session Most clients will schedule monthly sessions; developing an ongoing plan, staying accountable and unpicking their business to push forward. £200 per session
  • Content planning & creation | Offline
    If you never find the time to create blog posts, newsletters, social media posts or update your website then you might need me to create this for you. Or perhaps the writing side of your business just isn't the one for you and you'd rather pass it someone who knows how to write compelling copy? * This is an offline service * You receive a batch of social media posts/drafts of newsletters/blog posts you can use whenever and wherever you like. * We have a short, 30 minute call to determine what you need the most. * This is priced at a daily rate of £350 Booked via email:
  • Creating Content Ideas | 1 hour | Online 1:1
    Never know what to write or post about? Whether you’re out of ideas or the thought of being creative makes your brain turn to mush, this 1 hour online session could be just what you need. Leave armed with a list of content ideas for your business.
  • Goal Setting | 1 hour | Online 1:1
    Business goals can be the hardest ones to pin down. Where do you want to take your business in the next 6-12 months and beyond? What do you want for YOU. What do you want for your business in relation to your personal life. How much money do you want to make and how are you going to make it? In this one hour session I guide you through setting clear, actionable goals that steer you in the right direction.
  • Presentation design | Offline
    Have a load of business or organisation presentations that are a bit B.O.R.I.N.G? Need a bit of pizzazz? A little modernising? Chuck them my way! I create stunning branded presentations for businesses and organisations who understand the importance of compelling storytelling and communication. * Offline service * We start with a 30 minute call to discuss the scope of the project * This is done on a day rate of £350 and will depend on how many days are required * Presentations are created in Canva and delivered as such and as PDFs To chat about this service email me:
  • Find you target audience | Online 1:1 and offline
    Perhaps you’re just starting out or maybe you’ve been going for a while but feel like you’ve lost your way - finding your ideal customer; your target audience, is a necessity for any business. This will help you feel super clear on who you are communicating to, what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. From your website to your newsletters you can use this information to ensure your messaging is exactly right for the people who need you most. * We start with a 1 hour online call where I will guide you through discovering and understanding your target audience * After our session I will then conduct research on this group of people; finding out granular behavioural information and where they are most likely to be * I will also include suggestions on advertising (publications and social media) and the costs of these * Everything will be delivered in a branded information pack you can then use in your business Cost: £200 To chat about this service please email me:
  • Campaign management | Offline
    Have a big campaign you’d like to run but not sure how or where to start? Campaign management is a huge part of what I do. From new business and product launches, to social campaigns and retails sales, having a door-to-door campaign manager can give you the organisation, space and relief you need to run a successful campaign smoothly. This is calculated on the day rate of £350. The number of days required will be determined between us. If you'd like to chat about this service please email me:
  • Brand voice, values & mission statement | Online 1:1
    Your brand goes far beyond your logo and what colours you use. It’s at the very core of who you are and who you are not. It’s about the language you do (and don’t!) use, the business/organisation values and a clear, thoughtful mission statement that you can use to help guide all your big-picture decisions. * Starting with a 1-2 hour session defining your brand voice, your values and a mission statement * I will then create a branded document with your voice, values and mission included which can be used in-house or sent externally to designers/copy writers for their reference. £200 To chat about this service pleas email me:
  • Analytics and reporting | Offline
    Bleugh. Data. Who loves it? Well…I do! I’ve been extracting, organising and reporting on company data for over 12 years. From Google analytics to sales patterns and market trends. Whatever picture you want to paint, I can help. I deliver my findings in three ways: 1. Raw data (all the data I used dumped into spreadsheets & documents) 2. Detailed report 3. Top line report. All reports are branded to your company making these shareable to stakeholders and directors. * We spend an initial 30 minutes outlining the objectives; what you're looking for and why + how you plan to use the information. * I then email you a list of all the company/organisational data I would require plus any access I'd need to backend platforms. * Once I've concluded the data search and reports, I will send all reports via a password protected Google Drive From £1, 400 If you'd like to chat about this service, please email
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